Food and Nutrition

We value the importance of food and nutrition and appreciate the impact we have in establishing healthy eating habits, helping to shape your child’s attitude towards food, setting them up for life. Quality food that children eat significantly contributes to their growth and development and is vital for young bodies and minds.

Our carefully designed menu has been created in consultation with the nutritional requirements as per the Start Right Eat Right program – Department of Health SA. This ensures it is well-balanced, nutrient dense, high quality, and most importantly delicious to eat!

Our centre Chef provides 4 freshly prepared nutritional meals / snacks each day, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. Children are offered milk and water throughout the day.

We are a Food Safe premises and ask your cooperation in ensuring that NO FOOD is brought into the centre from home. This complies with our Food Safe Plan, as per the Food Safety Act –Department of Health SA.

Sample menu

  • Morning Tea – Fresh fruit platters, date oatmeal & quinoa loaf, natural yoghurt. Water/Milk
  • Lunch – Mixed grain wraps with salad & vegetable with or without protein. Water/Milk
  • Afternoon Tea – Blueberry muffins, cheddar cheese and sultanas. Water/Milk
  • Late Snack – Gluten free crackers with hummus or vegemite. Water
  • Infants – Mashed seasonal vegetables with or without protein, pureed seasonal fruits. Water/Milk